Modern life has become a bombardment of toxins. From the chemicals in our foods and the ones we pump into the atmosphere, to the stress of our busy lives. The foods available to us are not always nutrient dense or alive. That's why, as Dr. Simone Laubscher PHD puts it "our bodies have to work overtime, all the time."

The WelleCo story began when Elle Macpherson learned about body acidity and alkalinity from her nutritional doctor. Elle was feeling run down, despite her healthy lifestyle and an array of synthetic supplements. She said balancing her pH changed her life, "I realised the profound effect proper nutrition can have."

WelleCo’s vision is to bring that same feeling of wellness to the world. Importantly, we want to make it easy for people to make good choices for themselves; whether it be with the world’s best supplements, or a vegetable wash to remove pesticide residues, or the cleanest plant protein to help you live a balanced life.

Our first product is an all-in-one organic, high potency Alkalizing Greens supplement, formulated with Dr Laubscher, PHD Nutritonal Doctor. But that was just the beginning. 

So let’s celebrate feeling great, keeping it simple and becoming the best versions of ourselves, without the pressure.


Dr. Simone has found that many health problems stem from a foundation of acidity, and levels of good health are associated with lower tissue alkalinity. We believe we can fast track a person's wellbeing with our alkalizing greens powder, which can help the body change from acidic to alkaline. We want to make alkalisation accessible and simple.


There’s nothing like it on the market today. Each ingredient in The Alkalizing Greens has been added in calculated ratios to work in perfect balance with one another. This helps bring your body back into an alkaline state and support all 11 systems.


We don’t think staying alkaline should be hard work. You shouldn’t have to take even more time away from your busy life to stay healthy. It’s why we made THE SUPER ELIXIR™, our flagship product, an all-in-one supplement. You only need one a day to get all its green goodness.




Elle MacPherson is a prominent figure in business, fashion, film and television, having carved out a diverse and purposeful career over the past 30 years. Elle’s early modelling career led to a record-breaking five Sports Illustrated covers, affording her global recognition and the nickname ‘The Body’ from Time magazine.


Andrea has had extensive experience in the publishing, media and beauty industries both in Australia and internationally. Her early career saw her found the innovative multi-award winning magazine Australian Style which she and then business partner, Mr Lachlan Murdoch successfully sold. Andrea then went on to start INVISIBLE ZINC, the world’s first global chemical-free TGA sunscreen company that utilised patented Australian technology.

Dr Simone Laubscher, PhD, Formulator

Dr Laubscher PhD is a Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach and has been treating patients for over 20 years. She has a PhD in Oxidative Stress and holds a Bachelor degree in Science and Nutrition. Her areas of speciality include long-term weight loss, metabolic re-setting, eating disorders, diabetes, gut disorders, depression, hormonal regulation and immune-related illnesses. She has created her own unique protocols that focus on diet and whole food supplementation that address nutritional deficiencies, digestive and absorption weakness, hormonal imbalances, emotional triggers of eating, movement and stress management.