Sleep Rescue® Bath 20 oz.

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Sleep Rescue® Bath 20 oz.


Your day begins the night before. When sleep eludes us, we feel and look like zombies.  Insomnia causes mistakes, poor judgment, and results in low quality interactions with other people. Don't be an insomniac!

What’s keeping you awake at night? Are you suffering from stress, restless legs, anxiety, restless mind, or aches and pains? SLEEP RESCUE® is an all-natural, non-addictive sleep aid that you put on you, not in you. 

Be wary of sleeping pills. They are dangerous!  Insomnia sometimes indicates disturbed breathing. Sleeping pills could cause complications. SLEEP RESCUE® is topically applied, not contraindicated with ingested medicines. This formula does not cause interruptions in breathing to occur more often or last longer.  

Put this natural formula ON you, not in you!

Waking up refreshed, feeling like yourself, thinking clearly and performing well under pressure are your goals. Sleep continuity is your number one method to accomplish strength, endurance, and a positive attitude. And when we are strong and ready we instill confidence in ourselves and all who we encounter. So, when we are “on,” the world is at our feet!  

SLEEP RESCUE® helps us get to sleep at night and it helps us fall back to sleep when our slumber has been disturbed.

SLEEP RESCUE®: Sea Bath - A uniquely gentle, mineral-rich, soothing soak that creates a calm to encourage productive rest. Sprinkle into warm water and enjoy the organic herbs and pure essential oil vapors. Wrap up and then get warm and cozy under the covers. Turn off lights and follow up with SLEEP RESCUE® oil. 

SLEEP RESCUE® OIL, the world's first topically applied sleep aid. Contains only pure ingredients: sea salt, baking soda, Kelp, Lavender, Valerian and Hops.

Natural, Non-Addictive, Soothing.

Also see our other SLEEP RESCUE® products personal size 2 fl. oz. (60 mL) unbreakable bottle, cobalt glass bottle, or 16 fl. oz. (473 mL) family size refill bottle.

Certified vegan and cruelty-free. 100% natural. Free of preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches for freshness and effectiveness. 

SLEEP RESCUE® is great for everyone. Try Kiddie Calmer™ if the kids are never ready to settle down for bedtime. Kiddie Calmer™ - For a bedtime mindset, this bath is uniquely designed to transition the kids from their raucous, silly, stressful day into their peaceful, sweet, blissful evening and a quiet night. No brewing necessary. Into warm water, pour Kiddie Calmer™  and play/soak 20 minutes before bedtime. 

 Disclaimer: Have your situation diagnosed by your qualified health care professional. The information herein is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician and has not been evaluated by the F D A. All Wellinhand products guarantee satisfaction.

How To Use

Great days begin the night before! 

First you massage SLEEP RESCUE® Oil into your face, jaws, temples, neck and even your legs if they bother you in the night, and feel yourself drift off to sleep easily and awaken refreshed.

Follow with SLEEP RESCUE® Bath. Pour desired amount, recommended 1/4-1/2 cup into warm bath.

Designed to encourage sleep despite the reasons you lie awake. 

Slip under the covers, turn off the lights, and then massage into your affected areas.  Close the bottle, close your eyes, and open up your possibilities!

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