The Art Of Living

We all want happiness but how do we get there?


We invite you to join us for a fun-filled, interactive and informative session to find out how we can achieve happiness.

The Happiness Program

Within us lies vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered. Through the Happiness Program, this potential is set free and we gain a greater vision of who we are. The main technique In the Happiness Program is called Sudarshan Kriya®, a research-backed breathing technique that has helped millions of people release stress, experience deep meditation, and get back in touch with their true self. During this introductory session, you’ll get a taste of yogic breathing exercises and their wonderful benefits.
Introductory sessions include a mix of:

Guided relaxation through the breath
Insights into the nature of mind
Guided meditation
Question & answer session

DATE: Saturday May 18th, 2019
LOCATION: FOUR WINDS modern apothecary
This EVENT is FREE but we do require you to BOOK in advance as spaces are limited.

Please RSVP via email:
Phone: (561) 757-3284