Kundalini Chakra Series



Join us for the next 8 weeks for our Kundalini Yoga Chakra series where we will focus on one chakra each week.

Chakras are centers of consciousness.They are focal points of energy that have a direct, immediate, and profound effect on our daily lives. The particular chakra where the majority of your kundalini energy is primarily focused – or polarized – influences your basic behavior and attitudes.

Kundalini Yoga allows the kundalini energy to rise, balancing and coordinating all of the chakras. It also prepares the body to allow the energy of your highest potential to rise so that you can experience your higher consciousness. When this balance of the chakras occurs, you become empowered; you are able to be a compassionate, conscious, and capable human being.

Our schedule is as follows:

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Week of April 16, First Chakra (ROOT): Security and Survival
Foundation, survival, security, habit, self-acceptance, Basic Trust

Week of April 23, Second Chakra (SACRAL): Creativity + Sexuality: To feel, to desire, to create.

Week of April 30: Third Chakra (SOLAR PLEXUS): Action and Balance
Willpower. Personal power and commitment, Wisdom

Week of May 7: Fourth Chakra (HEART): Love and Compassion*, Healing.
Awakening to spiritual awareness; forgiveness and service.

Week of May 14: Fifth Chakra (THROAT): Projective Power of the Word . Communication.
Hearing and speaking the Truth. The Teacher.

Week of May 21: Sixth Chakra (THIRD EYE): Intuition, Wisdom, and Identity
The union of opposites; understanding one’s purpose.

Week of May 28th: Seventh (CROWN) Chakra: Humility and Vastness, Spirituality
Transcendence. The Tenth Gate. The seat of the soul.

Week of June 4: Eighth Chakra: The Aura

All ages welcome. You must Pre-book to attend. Classes are:
Tuesdays: 6:30pm
Thursdays: 11:00am
Please call us to book on 1 (561) 757-3284 or email us at  fourwindsnatural@icloud.com