Moon and Jai is not only a conscious lifestyle brand, but also a community of like minded humans, who are excited to create pure magic in their lives!

We spend our days creating our "MAGIC IN A BOX" Ritual Kits that inspire & entice our tribe to open up to unlimited potential that unfolds through RITUAL. To manifest what they truly desire, develop intuition & creativity, and learn to clear, cleanse and transform their space into true Sanctuary

We hold workshops, experimental events, and intimate retreats worldwide with intuitive facilitators and insightful teachers. Together we learn, relax, recharge, explore, adventure, connect and play. Our events have been known to endow our tribe with superpowers of radiance, insight and fearlessness.

We take great care to carefully and meticulously source our crystals, aromatic white sage, wild harvested Palo Santo, and to add intentional elements to our kits. We cleanse, sage and Moon Bathe all crystals before they make their way to you. 

Each kit is infused with high vibrational energy and clear intention ~ to assist you in clarifying and manifesting your desires.

Moon and Jai is all about  everyday magic, inspired events and sweet Soul Tribe.

P.S. Need a special kit crafted for your event, retreat or Goddess gathering? Want to enliven your space with fresh energy through a beautiful Smudging Ritual? Or know of a sweet boutique, yoga studio or a retreat center that must carry Moon and Jai? Have any questions ~ about anything at all? Please write us a note! 

WE absolutely LOVE connecting with YOU!

With love, Moon and Jai