MAGARI is a chic sportswear brand dedicated to providing sophisticated apparel to women embracing an active lifestyle.

At MAGARI, we design creative outfits that inspire you to enjoy the day and give your best to an active, yet very stylish day! 

So come into our world... full of printS and colorful combinations and enjoy every minute of having an active lifestyle!

MAGARI means a variety of things : Maybe, I Wish, I desire that ! 

If only we could drift away every day in developing our body and soul ! Feeling GOOD in our own skin and loving every minute of it as a fun, joyful experience ... that is what MAGARI is all about !

MAGARI  encompasses how we feel about having a fit and healthy body, so everyday we look forward enjoying being fit and having an active lifestyle ! 

We understand how valuable a women's time is on a daily basis, that is why we design outfits that allow you to transition from your daily fitness activity straight into your daily routine without having to change, nor look like if you just got out of the gym.

Our aim is to inspire women to be and feel active every day, looking and feeling great and in style even though they are in active attire. 

We want you to have fun, while being active and to be able to incorporate your healthy active routine in your every day life!