I grew up in a medical household. My father is a surgeon, and professor of medicine and my mother is always up to date on the latest wellness and healthcare trends. She is an incredibly talented cook and fed us a delicious, clean, high quality ingredient-driven diet that we embraced even as small children. Both my mother and father engaged us in their perspectives on health, which included discussions on anatomy, medicine, and diet and led us outside to exercise, enjoy fresh air and natural surroundings. Such influences led to my studies of nutrition, alternative medicine and botany. In hommage to Carl Von Linné, the eminent Swedish botanist and physician, who made tremendous contributions to science and the classification of botanical species, I have named this skincare brand LINNÉ.

Even as a child I made homemade facial products from edible items in the kitchen. My mother often highlighted the benefits of the culinary ingredients she used and I began to take interest in how they could also be used topically. I would craft recipes from such simple household staples such as almonds, oats, apples, and honey and I would test the final products on my sister and my mother.

Post college, and throughout my certification course in California Native Plant Botany and Herbal Medicine, I continued to formulate skincare products, only this time, the ingredients included wild botanicals with potent chemical compounds. To start I created products to improve my dry, psoriasis-susceptible skin and moved on to develop treatments for my younger sister who wrestled with both dry and acne-prone skin. After several iterations and trials, I designed a product that made her skin look noticeably better. I started to share the products with others and made additional ones based on pervasive needs, namely breakouts and pre-mature aging. Incorporating user feedback, I was able to fine-tune my formulas to offer what has become LINNÉ.

LINNÉ products are made from all-natural botanical compounds formulated to optimize the health and appearance of your skin. All of our ingredients are sourced globally and selected for their superlative quality and known ability to penetrate deep below the surface layers of the skin to purify, hydrate, nourish and protect.

To ensure their freshness and efficacy, all our products include use by dates and are made in small batches from a diverse collection of native, wild-harvested and organic plant-based ingredients and minerals. Our formulas are free of harsh synthetics, petrochemicals, biological and environmental toxins, carcinogens and fillers including plain water, alcohol and pre-made bases. Nothing is ever added to dilute or alter the color, texture, or scent of our ingredients.

We believe in total transparency. We list all of our ingredients and their purposes in a botanical index. Even our bottles are clear, whether they are glass or recyclable BPA-free plastic; we have nothing to hide. We also believe in keeping things simple. Inspired by the Swedish botanist, Carl Von Linné, we have designed a roman numeral classification system and "step" protocol, to make our products easy and effective to use.