1 Hour Massage              $100  

1 Hour and 30 Minutes  $135   (3 SERIES $ 330 / 6 SERIES  $ 630  /  9 SERIES  $ 900)

* Improves circulation of blood and lymph systems                               * Improves inmune system functions
* Reduces stress + anxiety                                                                           * Improves mobility + flexibility                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
* Improves energy flow                                                                                * Promotes healthy nourished skin



Gua-Sha therapy is a unique method which uses a jade stone to stimulate the trigger points, acupressure points and the myofascial imbalances of the body. This amazing therapy reduces restriction in the muscles, trigger points and muscular skeletal parts of the body. It is great for sports injuries, aches, pains and helps to realign the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body. 

Medical massage


Medical massage is a specialized massage that is clinically designed for more serious conditions such as sports injuries, chronic tightness and muscle spasms. This technique is beneficial for pain management, serious muscle conditions and stress related headaches.



Reflexology is an ideal way to balance the body’s energy zones. This technique, when combined with shiatsu acupressure, helps to align the whole body’s energy system. 



Deep Muscle Therapy gives immediate blood flow to the muscles. This is great for relieving muscle tightness, increasing blood flow and very beneficial to the serious athlete. This can also be combined with sports massage, to increase blood flow. 

FACE LIFT WITH GUA-SHA                        $100.00   ( 45 MINS.) 


Same method applied to the Body Reshaping, combining deep tissue and deep muscle massage that helps to lift dropped tissue, smooth out troubled areas and contours the tissue that surrounds the muscles of the Face using the Gua-Sha technique.



Holistic Therapies & Acupuncture

specializing in Women’s Needs

Initial Consult and Acupuncture Treatment ................. $135.00    

75 minutes

Discussion and intake of patient observations followed by a 45 minute acupuncture session.

Acupuncture Sessions   ………….. $85.00

45 minutes

These session includes a review of patient’s condition and noted changes followed by acupuncture treatment. Women’s Health acupuncture treatments provide comfort and ease during life’s challenges and transitions. Acupuncture treatments are gentle, nourishing and geared toward providing young and mature women with a new found awareness of the body, mind an spirit.

Package of 5 Acupuncture sessions   ……… $400.00

These sessions are for patients in need of addressing an acute condition. All five sessions are scheduled within 4 consecutive weeks seeking the most beneficial results for the patient’s main complaint

Prenatal Acupuncture sessions   ……… $95.00

45 minutes

Acupuncture during pregnancy offers comfort as well as boosts the immune system to improve pregnancy conditions. Nausea, heartburn, constipation, Low energy, difficulty sleeping, low back pain, anxiousness and/or restlessness are some examples of pregnancy related conditions treated with acupuncture.

Prenatal and/or Postpartum acupuncture package of 5 sessions  …. $450.00

Sessions are scheduled within 8 consecutive weeks.

Acupuncture to prepare the body and mind for labor and childbirth is recommended throughout gestation to provide clarity for the mind and physical comfort by regulating the body’s natural Rhythms. 

Postpartum acupuncture treatments focus on rebuilding blood and supporting the mother’s energy after labor and delivery. Treatment plans are geared towards: rebuilding blood and energy, supporting the healing after C-section delivery, recovery after a traumatic delivery, balancing the emotions to support a healthy bond between mom and baby, regaining strength and immunity to support the body’s natural rhythms, postpartum depression, and Reproductive Health.  

 Labor Induction ,Acupuncture and Moxibustion Sessions …………$125.00

Sometimes the body and mind need some support and regulation to move forward into a more ready state for labor and childbirth. Acupuncture and Moxibustion, a Chinese medicine heat therapy, are used to stimulate Qi and blood flow. Warming and invigorating Qi and blood flow will open blockages, encourage prove clarity for the mind and allow the body’s natural preparations for labor to occur. Cervical ripening, relaxing of muscles and clarity to the mind are potential benefits. 

Prenatal or Labor Induction Home Visits……. $155.00

60 minutes

Cosmetic Acupuncture  ……….$105

45 minutes

Needles are placed in the face, neck and body. Treatments are beneficial for the patient as a whole, since diet, lifestyle choices, and skincare are addressed to compliment the treatment. Softening of lines, brightening and smoothing of complexion, adding suppleness to the skin and an overall rejuvenated look are potential results. 

The recommended protocol is 2 sessions per week for 5 consecutive weeks.

Package of 10 Cosmetic Acupuncture sessions to follow protocol…………… $1,000.00

Patient must determine availability and commit to 5 consecutive weeks to receive treatment protocol.



is an ancient technique that utilizes suction to relieve areas of Qi and blood stagnation. This technique is rooted in many cultures and offers great benefits for pain, clearing respiratory congestion and boosting the immune system. It feels like a deep tissue massage!  

Gua Sha

A scraping technique that, like cupping, relieves areas of stagnation and pain. Gua sha releases Qi and blood stagnation from the deep skin and muscle layer, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes to the local area. This treatment is administered with acupuncture.  

Gua sha provides amazing relief of tension and strain between the shoulder blades and the hips and buttocks, which are areas of the body where women hold stress.

Vitamin B-12 injections  

are added to many treatment plans and wellness routines. Benefits of Vitamin B12 Injections: Boosts energy and relieves fatigue, Mood Stabilizing , Maintain healthy Nerve cells, RNS, DNA and red blood cells and Helps proper function of iron.