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Claudia Chaparro Pignalosa - Rhea, creator and founder of the FOUR WINDS modern apothecary concept, landed in Florida in 2016. Having been brought up in Colombia, surrounded by nature, a healthy lifestyle was always present in her family traditions.

After living in London for almost 20 years, she moved with her family to Boca Raton, Florida where , at first glance, seemed like the perfect place for a healthier lifestyle. Looking desperately for her son’s pure almond milk, she found no one carrying a simple milk with no additives. She then realized how every so-called natural store she encountered carried products that were completely misleading, promising to deliver all natural elements , and containing very toxic ingredients. So, along with her husband Kenneth, she decided to make a change. To start doing research on the best products they could find, from around the world, that would be true to their nature, and deliver 100% natural ingredients to customers.

Four Winds was born out of a necessity.. a necessity to bring a mentality and a lifestyle of wellness to the residents of Boca Raton. And so they did.

Four Winds was the name of the home where Kenneth had grown up and where his mother Beatrice practiced Naturopathy in Maryland. It represented a tradition that he wished to pass on to future generations: a lifestyle of wellness.

FOUR WINDS is committed to curate the most pristine, 100% natural products for mind, body and soul. The products chosen go though very strict guidelines in which every ingredient is fully analyzed and determined if pure, transparent and safe for our clients. No ingredient that is remotely controversial passes through the doors. They guarantee complete satisfaction of their selection and are extremely proud to determine themselves to be purists in an era where NATURAL has lost its meaning and its strength. CLEAN BEAUTY from the inside and the Outside is what they are all about.

In 2019, Claudia decided to start launching her own line under the FOUR WINDS label. The products are created by partnering with small artisans that do everything by hand in small batches and with vibrant energy, using only the most pristine ingredients.

We invite you to log in regularly to our page to see new additions under our label every month.

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