MEET SHIRI SARFATI  - Licensed Esthetician & Founder


"I want people to feel good when they use my skin care products. I want them to feel like they are doing something good for themselves. It's their moment of self care."

My mother gave me my first facial when I was 3 years old and I grew up along her side traveling the world and working with beauty professionals from Bangkok to Mexico City.

I am a second generation licensed esthetician and earned a Masters degree from FIT where I would later teach an undergraduate course to future beauty executives.

I live and breath the world of spa wellness and skin care. I want my clients to understand what they are using on their skin - the ingredients and efficacy - and get better results .I set out to create good for you, nourishing products based on ingredients that are simple, well-sourced and nutrient-rich.  You can now create your own spa ritual at home, relax and feel good...oh and the best part, it's affordable. 


Shiri Sarfati


We believe that the skin care industry has to do better than just listing what it does NOT include. It has to be more transparent.  At 23 Skin, we strive to source ingredients that are harvested sustainably, that support family farmers, and that are handled with care at every stage of the process.  Real is providing highly nutrient rich ingredients so that you experience nature's most energetic products.